5 Ways to De-Stress Your Business Travel

1. Schedule some personal time.

Business travelers overwhelmingly report that they take the stress out of business trips by scheduling personal time, turning the business trip into an informal mini-vacation. According to a survey commissioned by Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card from Chase, 61 percent of respondents added an extra personal day to their business trips in the past.

2. Don’t overspend.

Road warriors who work for multi-national companies may have expense accounts and per diem allowances, but small business owners have to keep tabs on every penny. Research from the Global Business Travel Association notes that 56 percent of business travelers rank “finding the right price” among the top three booking priorities.

5 Ways to De-Stress Your Business Travel

3. Stay healthy.

Business travel can also take a toll on your health. According to Dr. William Siegart, medical director of travel risk management provider On Call International, “Business travel can be disruptive to your regular sleep, exercise and eating routines — all of which can take a toll on your overall health and well-being. Consequently, this often leads to business travelers engaging in poor travel health habits. Poor travel health habits furthermore compound the stress of business travel.

4. Schedule extra time.

Stewart-Binks spends most of her time on airplanes and calling the shots at some of the most exciting games in the NHL, but she said taking an extra day, or even a half day, to enjoy the local sites is a great de-stresser. She often stays overnight rather than just taking the next flight out. “We’re so lucky,” she said. “We get to spend time in these cities. You can learn so much about yourself and what you like, and even things you didn’t know you liked, just based on immersing yourself in all these different cultures.”

5. Stay connected.

“The most stressful part of business travel is the distance and being physically disconnected,” said Brad Beckerman, founder and CEO of Stillhouse Spirits Co. “Each day I feel energized by my team’s passions and ideas. Even though technology (emails, phone, FaceTime) can connect us from long distances, it can’t translate your tone or intent the way physical interaction with your team can.”


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